Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

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Biologists study the life forms all around us. As a major in our program you'll be able to work with just about any life form — from humans and animals to plants and parasites. Our biology program at JCSU will ensure that you graduate with the hands-on experience and knowledge necessary for a successful career within the medical or scientific community.
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Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration’s goal is to equip the next generation of industry leaders with the knowledge and skills to meet the dynamic challenges in our global society.
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Do you know why chemistry is called the “central science?" It’s because all branches of science — and all careers in science — require you to have a solid understanding of chemistry. As a trained chemist, you’ll be in high demand for industry and government positions, and you’ll have the ability to succeed in a number of graduate or professional programs.
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Communication Arts

The best stories are told by people who are passionate about what they do. No matter what story you want to tell, the communication arts program at JCSU will teach you how to do it well so that others will want to listen.
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Computer Engineering

Have you ever wondered how to design and build mobile and industrial robots to perform specific operations, and how to implement microcontrollers to fulfill specific function controls in all aspects in our real world?
If you decide to become a computer engineering major at JCSU, you’ll learn what makes microcontrollers and robots tick. You’ll even have the chance to build some of them your own.
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Computer Science/Information Systems

Computers play a major part of our everyday lives, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.
Computer Science Information System major combine computer science, information technology and business administration. The program will give you the technical foundations and prepare you to apply IT solutions in a business context and use them to develop opportunities for growth.
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Forensics investigators, judges and corrections officers are vital to our communities. They ensure our safety and that justice is served fairly in our court systems.
At JCSU, our students get a complete view of the criminal justice system. Regardless of where you see yourself in the system, what you learn in our program will put you on the right track for a successful career serving your fellow citizens.
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Cultural Studies

Culture is not just the traditions we follow or the values we hold. Culture is how we know ourselves and even make ourselves. The Cultural Studies major program at JCSU will empower you to examine how culture is a powerful driver in our media-saturated world.
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Information Systems Engineering

Have you ever wondered how scientists are able to create, operate and maintain large-scale information systems?
At JCSU, we’re looking for curious minds like yours to help us find solutions to real-world problems in information systems engineering domain that manages the blending of software, hardware, networks and security.
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Interdisciplinary Studies

The actions of one person can have an amazing impact on society. However, today’s social issues are so complex, they require some pretty creative answers.
As an interdisciplinary studies major at JCSU, you won’t be confined to just one program of study. Our flexible program allows you to combine two or three majors to create a unique major that fits your career goals.
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In the 17th century, Isaac Newton and Gottfried Liebnitz — two giants of the mathematic world — both developed the first real theory of the infinite. They fought over who was first for the rest of their lives, but it created what we call calculus.
Calculus lies at the heart of that idea, and learning how it can be applied to everyday situations will change your world.
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Some people were born to shine under the spotlight. If you consider yourself to be a rising star, or if you want to help others tap into their talent through engineering, music production or teaching, our music program may be the right fit for you.
As a music major at JCSU, you’ll have the opportunity to fine-tune your creativity and develop the skills to express yourself through sound.
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There are few subjects as fascinating and mysterious as the human brain. To find the answers, the world needs caring and dedicated people like you who want to help others improve their mental and emotional health.
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Political Science

The political science program at JCSU is designed for students who want to pursue a higher degree in law school or graduate school, ambitious individuals who want hands-on experience in politics, as well as majors and non-majors who are interested in political discussions.
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Public Health

As a public health major at JCSU, you won’t just study diet and nutrition. Courses in sexuality, substance abuse and the home environment will give you the knowledge you need to lead others to a healthier, happier life.
Choose where you can make the most impact by focusing your study on either the community health concentration or a concentration in school health for grades K-12.
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Social Work

Social workers make the world a better place. They work with low-income families, children, recovering addicts and the elderly to provide them with housing, food, employment, health care—and most importantly — hope for the future.
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Sport Management

The world of sports is an exciting and unique field. Because of its fast-pace and household names, it’s often glamorized by Hollywood in movies and TV shows.
Many students come into our programming thinking they want the fame and fortune of being a sports agent. However, you’ll find that our range of courses will open your eyes to careers in sport you never knew existed.