Life at JCSU

Life beyond the classroom

The JCSU student experience goes beyond the classroom. Year-round you’ll find activities, celebrations and events on campus. Whether you want to be in the audience or in the spotlight is up to you.

JCSU is invested in you as a whole person. We encourage students to get involved on campus and in the community. Join a student organization, run for office in the Student Government Association or participate in community service activities and internship opportunities.

It’s what you do both in and out of class that creates your JCSU experience. Building leadership and social skills, learning how to network and communicate your ideas to a diverse audience – it’s all part of a JCSU education.

Dean of Students
Cathy Jones Headshot
Dean of Students

Learn more about what your dean of students, Cathy Jones, has to offer you as a student here at JCSU. 

Student Organizations

JCSU features many student-led organizations that cater to specific hobbies, interests and academic disciplines. No matter what your interests might be, you are guaranteed to find your perfect fit. And if you don’t see it here, it only takes you finding a few more interested students to get a new organization started through the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement.


Be a fan and cheer on the Golden Bulls with your fellow students. JCSU athletic teams include football, basketball, track and field, softball, cheerleading and more.

Health and Wellness

We care about our students body and soul. Learn more about how your student will be cared for when they go to JCSU. 

Greek life

Let our fraternities and sororities show you a good time with events planned throughout the school year. Interested in joining? These activities also give you a chance to learn more about becoming a part of JCSU's greek life.

Royal Court
Royal Court 2023
Royal Court

Mister and Miss Johnson C. Smith University are official student hosts for the University. Since the inception of the positions, Mister and Miss JCSU, and the royal court, has played significant public roles as student representatives.

Student Government and Elections

Students are welcome to run for office and serve as a part of our governing body of students, the Student Government Association.

Our students are also responsible for carrying out and ensuring that elections on campus are fair and follow the Student Elections Code.


The JCSU Intramural and Recreation Program provides a wide array of recreational experiences. These include intramural sports, club sports, fitness programs, and informal recreational activities.

Golden Bull Activities Committee

GBAC is responsible for creating, implementing, and evaluating a regular and varied series of engagement opportunities for students. The Committee is comprised of students who are interested in program planning and implementation. Along with the executive board, the Committee consists of several other organized groups. 

JCSU Disability Services

Our mission is to provide and coordinate support services and programs that enable students with disabilities to maximize their educational potential and to increase their level of awareness.

Alumni Connections

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, advice or a job lead, our strong alumni network is a valuable part of the JCSU experience.

Photo of three JCSU band members
The International Institution of Sound

Pump up your school spirit with our band, the International Institution of Sound

Luv-a-Bulls marching in the Homecoming Parade

Join with our beloved cheerleaders, the Luv-a-Bulls, and cheer the Golden Bulls on to victory. 

Religious Life
Jane M. Smith Memorial Church
Religious Life

Connect with other JCSU students and find time for your spiritual life. You’ll discover leadership and service opportunities through the Spiritual Life Center. The center also offers mentoring for our students’ emotional, mental and spiritual needs.