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President's Message for First Day of Classes

Dear Smithites, 

Welcome to Johnson C. Smith University’s fall 2020 semester. The start of a new academic year is always exciting even though it’s disappointing that you are not on campus. I cannot wait until we’re able to be together physically, and I hope that time will come soon. 

These are extraordinary times. It is hard to imagine what you have had to endure at this point in your lives. I am optimistic that if anyone can overcome the challenges of what I call the three calamities, it is this generation of young people represented by you. You’ve endured a worldwide pandemic; you are in the midst of a global economic meltdown; and you stand strong as the world has awakened the consciousness of America to its historically biased past. I am optimistic in large part because the faculty, staff and administrators at Johnson C. Smith University will ensure that as problems such as these arise, you are prepared to tackle those challenges. I look forward to your creativity, innovation and determination as you help to make our world a better place. 

Wishing you a safe and successful semester. 


Armbrister Signature

Clarence D. Armbrister, J.D. 

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