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SYDKIMYL Partners with Johnson C. Smith University, hires 5 students as Educational Facilitators

Justice Jackson ’21 teaching online

Charlotte, N.C. / November 11, 2020 - This fall, SYDKIMYL partnered with Johnson C. Smith University to hire Educational Facilitators to serve K-12 students at CMS. Educational Facilitators serve middle and high school students who need support with social skills, educational training, and transitioning in school by providing counseling and instructional services.  SYDKIMYL Educational Consulting, LLC provides a balanced approach to serving students both socially and emotionally while guiding them through their academic journey. 

After an introduction from Dr. Karen D. Morgan, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, SYDKIMYLworked with the Center for Career and Professional Development to hire five JCSU students to fheir needs including a student from the JCSU Phasing Up to New Possibilities Program, which serves JCSU students who have aged out of foster care by providing a secure environment for these young adults as well as providing the possibilities that come from continued education, support, encouragement, guidance, and financial assistance. Through this program JCSU is committed to easing the transition for youth aged out of foster care and supporting their unique needs and the challenges as they rise from the stereotypes and labels placed on them and enter a new phase upward. Since Educational Facilitators are working with students in foster care, this was a natural fit. 

"Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”, said Pat Newell, program director for Phasing Up to New Possibilities. “SYDKIMYL reached out to Sonia Youngblood with the Center for Career and Professional Development with this opportunity and we appreciate her diligence in making this happen. Our Phasing Up students are well prepared and eager to pay it forward.”

Justice Jackson ’21's virtual classroom

With the program being virtual due to the pandemic, JCSU students learning remotely from home were still able to participate as Educational Facilitators. Justice Jackson ’21, from Las Vegas, said the experience was exciting but challenging. “I really enjoyed working with SYDKIMYL. It was frightening at first because I have never worked with 8th grade students, let alone tutored students virtually. I had to come up with unique ways to engage and help my students,” she said. “I’m grateful for this opportunity because it pushed me outside of my comfort zones, and helped me learn more about myself.” 

“SYDKIMYL Educational Consulting, LLC, is thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Johnson C. Smith University, to recruit their top juniors and seniors to work virtually as Educational Facilitators within our ePODs. The Educational Facilitators are tutoring students who are in foster care for four hours a week from Mecklenburg County ages K-12. Our goal is to decrease the academic slide as much as possible due to Covid-19 and what better way to do that than to hire passionate, enthusiastic, motivated college students who truly want to make a positive impact in these children's lives. The facilitators from JCSU make learning for these kids so much fun; the kids look forward to coming to theirePODs and learning every afternoon,” said SYDKIMYL CEO and Founder Kim McGregor.  

For more information on opportunities with the Center for Career and Professional Development, email or follow @CareersJCSU on Twitter and Instagram.   

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