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Perkins Employee Lends a Helping Hand

Bertha helping student.CHARLOTTE, N.C., August 14, 2019 – If you have attended Johnson C. Smith University within the last quarter century, then you likely know Miss Shirley Bertha. The Floor Supervisor in the dining hall has worked at JCSU for the last 24 years. During her time here, she has mentored, prayed and guided a number of students in need. So it was no surprise when she was seen helping a student on the first day of class.

“I just took it upon myself to continue to do it and I felt good about it”, Bertha explained.

After being introduced to the young man by a school official, Bertha walked him to class. This photo was captured of the thoughtful moment between the two. 

Bertha, who has grandchildren of her own in college said, “It’s my pleasure”, when referring to the help she provides students. Adding, “Not for a handout or pat on the back, it’s just the way I am.”

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