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Internship Spotlight: Deben Peterson gets a taste of the space industry

Photo of Deben Peterson '21 standing next to a museum exhibit of a spacesuitDeben Peterson ‘21 is fresh off his internship with Lockheed Martin Space. The rising senior, who received the highest clearance with the company, spent part of his summer working with the company’s satellite simulation to help debug flight software before launch.

“I grew up near NASA, in Brevard County, Florida, so I always have been fascinated with space,” Peterson said. “I was intentional about researching companies that were involved in the space industry.”

Peterson has always had dreams of becoming a software developer or working with product management. This internship helped him gain the necessary professional development for his career.

“While school provides the basic tools needed for your career, at an internship you get the hands-on training required for the role you may one day possess,” he emphasized, when speaking on the benefits of an internship.

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