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Dr. Jemayne King’s Article Published in The Best Schools

Photo of Jemayne KingDr. Jemayne King is spreading knowledge about the importance of HBCUs in America this Black History Month. King’s article, The Soul of a Nation: The Past, Present, and Continuing Importance of The Historically Black College and University, was recently published on

“I was honored to have the opportunity,” King said.

A graduate of Virginia State University, a public HBCU in Virginia, Elizabeth City State University, a public HBCU in North Carolina and professor at Johnson C. Smith University, King knows all too well the impact HBCUs have on this nation.

“It was important to include that America's history is built on, or intertwined with, the history of the historical Black college.  America’s successes are largely due to innovations and individuals who are graduates of HBCUs,” he emphasized.

King has contributed his own innovation through his course Sole Food: Digestable Sneaker Culture, the only class of its kind globally. In his article, he shares the innovative curriculum and pedagogy produced at HBCUs. “There are institutions that would like to replicate this, but they can't, or they haven't yet. I'm honored that I have the opportunity to do so, specifically at Johnson C. Smith because no other institution globally can claim this. We're on the cutting edge,” he said.

King believes the renewed push to address systemic racism in this country has helped shift the focus to HBCUs and their many contributions to society. He hopes his message resonates with all people, especially those who aren’t as familiar with the culture of an HBCU, and motivates them to learn the history of these important institutions.

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