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Cheryl Curtis appointed to academic publications board

Dr. Cheryl Curtis was appointed publications board coordinator for the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) on June 1, 2018. Over the course of the three-year appointment, she will serve as the liaison between the editors of all 10 ACPA publications, amplifying the published perspectives of diverse student, faculty and staff researchers.

“I’ll be learning what the publications want, their editing process and bringing that knowledge home. That’s why I cast my net out. It will open doors we aren’t even aware of, yet,” Curtis said.

Curtis, who is director of Educational Enhancement Services and dedicated veteran advocate at JCSU, looks forward to encouraging teaching beyond lecturing and modalities of structure.

“We can progressively move toward something being better,” she said.

Curtis cited the case of Yvonne Moore, a student researcher pursuing a BSW who had previous experience working for the Department of Social Services.

“Initially she lacked self-confidence,” Curtis said, “but with encouragement she blossomed as a scholar.”

Moore developed a professional manual for JCSU’s Veterans Hub program and was instrumental to a research project on reasons veterans would attend a private HBCU, which later became a published study. Curtis wants to see more success stories like this from African-American students and faculty.

“My whole impetus is to enrich the academy and show the diversity of thought and research that exists here,” Curtis said.

In 2017, Curtis was also elected North Carolina College Personnel Association (NCCPA) member-at-large for diversity, equity and inclusion by members of university faculty and staff throughout the state. It’s a two-year appointment.

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