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Author and advocate shares powerful message with JCSU

CHARLOTTE, N.C., October 4, 2019 – Minda Harts sat in front of a packed room Wednesday, October 4, 2019 reading from her new book, “The Memo”. Her message: How women of color can gain a seat at the table.

“I wish I had received ‘The Memo’ when I entered the workplace. I thought about all the students of color that could benefit from having career advice geared toward them,” she emphasized.

According to statistics Black and brown women are far less likely to have a voice when it comes to decision-making in the workplace. In 2018, the Women in The Workplace survey, found women of color are not only significantly underrepresented, they are far less likely than others to be promoted to manager, more likely to face everyday discrimination and less likely to receive support from their managers in the workplace.

Dr. Terza Lima-Neves, associate professor of political science and advocate for women of color, said Harts message was right on time.

“It’s so important to equip our Black and brown female students with the tools to succeed in their lives beyond the JCSU gates,” she said.

There’s an increasing number of evidence that corporations are in need of black voices, but not enough information provided to women of color that explains how they can break barriers in white America. 

Minda explained, “Not every woman experiences the workplace the same. And in order to have an equitable workforce, we need to talk about the systems that have held certain groups of women back.”

It’s the motivating factor behind Harts efforts to this movement. As she said, “I see my work as part of my responsibility as a woman of color and a black woman living in America. I advocate so that I don't leave the workplace how I experienced it--but better.”

Overall Harts hopes her books and discussions helps women, especially the next generation. 

“I want them to learn to advocate for themselves, take control over their careers, and know they don't have to accept being mistreated at work. Find the rooms and tables that make you better. You worked too hard to lean out now,” Harts said.

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