Why Choose JCSU?

Finding a place where you belong

We get it, making the decision to go to college is a big decision. Here are some of the reasons why you should pick JCSU. 

Diverse HBCU
Photo of a group of students
Diverse HBCU

HBCUs are not monoliths.

When you come here you can expect a shared cultural experience, but you will also be in an environment where you can learn and grow with people who may have had a very different experience from you. 

Photo of exterior of Biddle Hall
Investing in our students

Freedmen, our first students – many of whom were formerly enslaved, may have helped build our first campus building in the early 1880s, but, but we have never stopped making improvements to our campus to make sure that our students get a top-notch experience when they come here. 

Career readiness
Photo of two people discussing business
Career Readiness starts today

Today’s economy requires graduates to be more competitive than ever to navigate viable career pathways and employment opportunities. The education and resources we provide will allow you to thrive when you leave here. 

The JCSU Difference
Two students wearing JCSU shirts
What makes us different?

Learn more about what makes the JCSU experience different.