What We Do

One of Web Services’ main goals is to communicate through and maintain the University’s main website.

A website is constantly evolving as it moves forward. New pages are added and others are taken away as we endeavor to keep information on the web site current and fresh. Often the changes are small but significant; other times they are more drastic, but always with the aim of supporting our website goals.

Making a Web Request

In order to provide you with the best service possible, before we begin any request to update or change a page on the website, a Web Request Form must be completed.

This will help Web Services better understand your department's or division's needs and communications goals.

Web Development Timelines

Project Start
The development of web pages and/or changes to the website begin when a completed Web Request Form, along with the content needed for the pages, is returned to Web Services.

Project Completion
Requests are typically completed within 2 weeks from the day they are entered into the production queue. It may take longer depending on the scope of the project. Web Services will alert you if your project needs to extend beyond 2 weeks.

Smaller requests may be completed within 24 to 48 hours.

Website Goals

Our website acts as our front door to the world. It is often the place where people first come to find information about us. As such, it is important that the website embrace and communicate the University’s brand, mission and vision in a clear and consistent voice.

In order to ensure that the University retains this goal consistently, we utilize a number of web guidelines for information that is posted to the website.