Design Advice

Following are some tips to assist you as you as develop collateral materials for you division, department, unit, program or initiative:

  • Keep publications simple. A well-designed publication communicates quickly and clearly.
  • Don’t use more than two different fonts in one publication.
  • For emphasis, use bold or italic or a larger font size. Help the reader know what’s most important or what should be read first by making it bigger, bolder and more prominent than the other elements on the page. Likewise, not all stories and photos should be the same size.
  • Don't be afraid of white space – it allows the eye to rest. Use white space as you would any other visual element.
  • Use standard brochure sizes and folds and standard envelope sizes to keep costs down.

Feel free to contact the Print Shop, (704) 378-1104, for help in designing your next publication.