Campus Research Resources

JCSU Arts Factory

The JCSU Arts Factory is home to JCSU's interdisciplinary major in visual and performing arts.  The Arts Factory provides students with cutting-edge technology for instruction in the arts. Here, students receive expert instruction in:

  • Theatre
  • Film
  • Dance
  • Graphic art
  • Studio art

Telecommunications and Networking Laboratory

This lab supports faculty and student research and houses:

  • Digital and analog communications systems training units
  • Transmission line simulator
  • Microwave test bench
  • Antenna training unit

Bioinformatics Laboratory

This laboratory includes computers with software packages for education and research in bioinformatics. The bioinformatics lab has access to the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, which supports education and research in:

  • DNA
  • Genomics
  • Bioinformatics

Electronics and Cyber Security Research Center

This lab includes softwared and hardware equipment and computers that support education and research in electronics and cyber security including:

  • Voice recognition
  • Image enhancement and improvements
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Email authentication

Database and Data Mining Laboratory

Computers with software packages in the IBM-DB2 database systems are used for data mining and bioinformatics.

Digital and Analog Electronics Laboratories

Two labs have signal generators, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes and training kits for various subjects in electronic and electric circuits and digital and analog electronics design.

MACMAS Laboratory (Multidisciplinary Applied Computational Modeling and Simulation)

This lab provides the most up-to-date computational resources available. Students have world-class instrumentation at their fingertips. State of the art data mining software is available. The MACMAS Lab provides software for ongoing research in a number of topical areas including data mining, robotics, and sickle-cell disease research (in conjunction with the Kannapolis Biotechnology Center and the University of North Carolina, Charlotte).

Parasitology Research Laboratory

Students and faculty use the molecular biology equipment, centrifuges and inverted and bright field microscopes (which are equipped with digital cameras) to conduct research on parasites.

Robotics and Automatic Control Laboratory

Industrial and educational robots, digital and analog automatic control equipment and a chemical process simulator are some equipment in this lab supporting research in those areas.