Student-Level Research

All of our students have the opportunity to conduct research. In fact, completing a senior research paper is a graduation requirement.

Preparation for the future

Forming and testing hypothesis; presenting findings to faculty and peers, prepares JCSU students for any future path they may choose.

We understand research skills are required today and in the future. That's why all students take a class to help plan their research and another class to execute it. You'll have class time and faculty help as you choose your topic, plan your study, investigate your question, write your paper and present your findings.

Recent Student Scholarship

Some recent student research papers were titled:

  • Enlighten, Engage and Empower the Young Generation in Computing
  • Applying Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making to Identify and Select Optimal Explosives Detection Equipment
  • Prevalence of BK Virus Nephropathy in the Failed Renal Allograft
  • Emergency Detection and Relief Using Robotics
  • How music affects children with Autism

JCSU students can construct research projects that solve problems and chart new directions in academic and workplace settings.  Our students are motivated and enthusiastic researchers.