Private Grants

JCSU seeks financial assistance for its research and educational programs through private foundations, corporations and individuals.

Our faculty and staff pursue financial help from a variety of private foundations, corporations and individuals so that we can continue our research on relevant topics.

Advancing Future Research

A few donors and examples of some private grants we've been awarded include:

  • The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
    These foundations, started by the former head of aluminum producer Alcoa, awarded JCSU $250,000 as part of a program to help improve colleges that provide opportunities for traditionally underserved students. The money is being used to develop an academic minor in leadership through JCSU's Center for Applied Leadership and Community Development, as well as to expand the Center's programs.
  • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
    The Mellon Foundation has awarded JCSU $432,000 in recent years for arts curriculum planning and to support the recruiting and retention of faculty in the arts. The foundation, started by the family of the industrialist and philanthropist Andrew W. Mellon, aims to build, strengthen and sustain institutions in their core activities.
  • The William T. Morris Foundation
    The foundation supports the arts, education, health care and quality-of-life issues, and has awarded JCSU $100,000 to support scholarships.