Surveying the Northwest Corridor

INDABA, or important gathering, is a community forum which is common in African tribes. Johnson C. Smith University takes pride in hosting the INDABA where representatives from the neighborhoods and businesses located in the Northwest Corridor, elected officials representing the area and civic leaders throughout Charlotte all come together.

Leadership Audit Survey

For more information, please contact Dr. Bryan Patterson @ or contact Ms. Vesterine White at (704) 378-3559. 

This survey will help us gather information so we may work in the following three areas:


  • Assessing what residents “seek” in their leadership of elected officials by conducting focus groups, interviews, and leadership survey.
  • Hosting a leadership audit and candidate seminar.


  • Developing a community driven job description for candidates to determine the job “fit” for them. 
  • Sharing research about the Northwest Corridor (Soul of the Northwest Corridor Study, Socioeconomic History, etc)


  • Developing a public forum activity where candidates  participate in open dialogue about community issues and their platforms.
  • Creating a clear set of performance measurements for candidates assist in reaching desired community goals.