Perkins' Story

Perkins Management Company was founded in 2004 by Mr. Nicholas M. Perkins, who serves as the company President. Perkins Management has grown into a multi-million dollar firm that is proud to claim Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Army to name a few as clients. 

The Dream

A student of the American Civil Rights Movement Nicholas Perkins was inspired to ensure that the sacrifices of his forefathers were not made in vain and therefore committed to economic development and job creation within the African American Community. Raised by a single mother with the help of this grandmother, Growing up in a single parent home offered many disadvantages but he never used this as an excuse for not striving to become great. Nicholas admired and was inspired by  dynamic African American Entrepreneurs  Dr. A.G. Gaston and Dr. Robert J. Brown, as well as Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  These figures helped to shape his purpose and understand how critically important it was for him to utilize his skills to advance the community in which he lives, gain financial freedom, and create a sustainable business. 

Mrs. Laurene W. Perkins, Grandmother of Nicholas Perkins played a vital role in his development as she first introduced him to the art of meal preparation. “Laurene Perkins cooked from the heart and you could taste it” he proudly proclaims. “ My grandmother was a phenomenal cook, she nurtured my passion for the kitchen, I knew that I loved to cook and had a passion for it but I also wanted to become an entrepreneur, so I merged the two and established Perkins Management Company”.  “ Which has truly been an amazing experience.”  “Today, We serve thousands of palate-pleasing entrees every day”. “My life’s work will be geared toward delivering sustained quality services to our customers, being a weapon for job creation, and becoming the worlds largest wholly minority owned contract food services management Company”.

Defying the Odds

Nicholas Perkins established Perkins Management in 2005 at the age of 25, entering into the highly competitive food services industry with a 1 year contract and a dream of becoming the worlds largest wholly minority owned contract food services management company. Armed with a college degree from the School of Business and Economics at Fayetteville State University and substantial experience garnered from serving in management roles for a large food services company.  Perkins begin the pursuit of his dream, starting with participation in the U.S. States Small Business Administrations 8(a) business development program and securing contracts from the United States Coast Guard and Department of the Army.  

In 2009, Dr. Luns Richardson, President of Morris College selected Perkins Management Company to provide residential dining services. Morris College  was the first College account in company history. Over the past two years Perkins Management secured 6 additional HBCU clients, 6 Military Installations, and opened several Quick Service Restaurants across the country. Perkins Management has been able to win competitive bids against some of the worlds largest service providers in both the public and private sectors, without any majority partnerships.  Needless to say, Perkins Management Company is  no longer the Best Kept Secret. The Company is redefining and transforming Dining Services Programs on HBCU Campuses Nation Wide.

The Reality

Perkins Management Company started just six years ago with a single client, serving 30 meals each day with two employees, one of which being Nicholas himself, and today the company has grown into a multi million dollar corporation that serves over 100,000 meals each week employing well over 300 persons, across several lines of business.  The tremendous growth the company has achieved is due in large part to the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of Nicholas Perkins. Setting forth the mission and vision of the company and engaging dedicated employees to carry out that mission and vision has made Perkins Management Company the service provider of choice for the Department of Defense, Department of the Army, United States Coast Guard, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the country.

Perkins Management Company has been named one of the Nations Top 100 Contractors by the United States Department of Defense, Selected as the Small Business of the Year by the United States Department of Home Land Security, Received two Presidents Awards from Church’s Chicken in its first year of operation, Perkins Dry Cleaning Services was named Best Dry Cleaners in Fayetteville NC. These distinct awards have distinguished our firm as a quality service provider with the recipe for success

Perkins Management Company has a reputation for innovation in food services and a track record of providing sustained quality food management services. We have a diverse portfolio of clients that makes our firm unique.  Presently, we are proud to feed thousands of meals each day to our customers who range from College Students to Special Forces Troops for the Department of the Army.  

With a management team of over 100 combined years of management experience in food services, most of which has been garnered from the management of some of the most dynamically complex food service operations across the country, spanning from the Department of Defense to Colleges and Universities, and Commercial Clients, Perkins continues to be a formidable competitor in contract food management. 

The most vital asset of any management company is the scope and breadth of experience provided by its management team. We pride ourselves in recruiting, training, supporting, and motivating our professional staff to manage complex and operationally challenging dining programs. Our managers are the keyingredient to how we will meet and ultimately exceed our customer’s goals for quality, customer service, and financial performance.

Perkins Management and its management team provided food service management oversight to some of the largest and most recognized colleges and universities in the country. Mr. Nicholas M. Perkins, President of Perkins Management Company, Inc. is experienced in managing in high volume environments including the University of North Carolina at Greensboro which serves approximately 21,000 meals per day, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (17,000 meals per day), Fayetteville State University (3,900 meals per day) and High Point University (2,700 meals per day).  Our Management Team, has a combined 100 years food service management experience most of which was garnered in the college and university market at institutions such as:

  • North Carolina A&T State University
  • Southern University
  • Mississippi Valley State University
  • Fayetteville State University
  • North Carolina Central University

The parallels between the College and University scatter/food court style configurations of new food service program offerings are being seen, with increased regularity, throughout the Department of Defense in its food services operations. The experiences we have garnered, in managing full service operations from the Department of the Army and the Department of Homeland Security, in today’s market resemble the all you care to eat dining programs at some of the nation’s largest colleges and universities. Our firm is comfortable and managerially sound in operating high volume, multiple dining facility feeding, the development and implementation of diverse menu cycles, and maintaining high standards of quality control and sanitation.  We are confident that as a unit of organizations are fit to manage the Dining Services at Winston-Salem State University all we need is the opportunity.  Relevancy in this industry means compiled experience and we thoroughly believe that, “Size is not necessarily the determinate of whether one will succeed or fail.  Rather, we believe, as a unit, that competence, confidence, resources and commitment are the philosophies that result in success.” At Perkins Management the scope and breadth of our services extends far Beyond the Palate”™.

This is our governing maxim. The quality of the core of our business is displayed daily through skillful meal preparation and eye-appealing culinary displays. Our customers receive superior quality food management services through the delivery of innovative concepts, a variety of food choices, and excellent customer service. Understanding that not only is the ever evolving food service industry highly competitive, we readily acknowledge that many companies supply good food, however not every company is dedicated to the propulsion of its clients to achieve their goals. This is the Perkins Difference. We are committed to becoming an integral part of our clients’ mission.  We accomplish this through direct involvement, contribution, and a commitment to delivering cost effective operating practices.  Our underlying objective is to provide our customers with measurable results through the delivery of operational efficiencies thus, translating into cost savings and customer satisfaction. Our reach extends beyond the routine of food service management by becoming a partner with a shared mission and vision. Talented management, efficient operating systems, and innovative menu offerings are the ingredients that deliver the consistency, cost effectiveness, and the sustained quality our customers deserve.

Company Background and Experience

Nicholas M. Perkins

Founder, Chairman, President & CEO

Nicholas M. PerkinsVision, passion, action, results, success are just a few words to describe Mr. Nicholas Perkins, President of Perkins Management Company, of Fayetteville, North Carolina.  

Nicholas Perkins founded Perkins Management Company in 2005 at the age of 24 and in 5 years has grown Perkins Management into a multi-million dollar corporation with multiple business platforms and a diverse portfolio of clients including colleges, hospitals and the Department of Defense. As the president of a 100% minority owned enterprise, Mr. Perkins has gone above and beyond to build a company with a solid financial foundation and a core leadership team with strong business ethics. Perkins Management Company currently manages food and custodial service operations that span from New Haven Ct, to Key West Florida. 

A graduate of Fayetteville State University, a Historically Black College located in the center of the black community in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Mr. Perkins most recently purchased and reestablished a major black owned dry cleaning company with historical significance just a few miles from the University. In addition to providing jobs his investment illustrates his desire to actively participate in the revitalization of a black business community, firmly understanding that private business enterprise is the foundation to building generational wealth. He continues to support his alma mater and is a leader in the community, committed to being an example to young leaders with entrepreneurial desires. As an active member of The Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce serving as a corporate sponsor and board member Mr. Perkins wisely understands the need for collaboration and networking. 

The development of his skill set began as a concessions runner and through years of hard work, dedication and training has become a successful manager, now entrepreneur. After nearly ten years of extensive training, education and hands-on experience Mr. Perkins has decided to follow an entrepreneurial spirit and leave behind a successful career in operations management to establish Perkins Management Company.