Hurricane Florence Information

Posted: Tuesday, Sept. 18 2018, 12:48 p.m.

We hope everyone made it through Hurricane Florence and the aftermath safely. All faculty and staff need to report to campus at their regular time on Wednesday, Sept. 19., when classes will resume. We encourage everyone to exercise caution when traveling to campus.  

The James B. Duke Library has reopened to regular operating hours. 

Students who may be delayed in their return to campus because of impact from the storm should contact their professors to communicate their plans. 

Florence brought a significant amount of rain and strong gusts of wind, which resulted in localized flooding and downed trees throughout the region. Please remain cautious when traveling and when walking because there is still a chance of falling debris from weakened trees and structures as well as flooding in specific areas.

Thank you for your cooperation during the storm. Continue to be alert and exercise good judgement when traveling.