Emergency Procedures

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are encouraged to call JCSU Campus Police for all emergencies or for more information about emergency procedures.

JCSU Campus Police:  (704) 378-1003 or 1004


Seek shelter in the nearest building and look for information via text message, email, cellular phone, JCSU website or other established source. You may hear a voice announcement providing brief instructions along with the audible tone.

  • Remain indoors until further notice.
  • Close windows and doors.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Assist others around you.
  • Do not call JCSU Campus Police or 911.
  • The audible tone will signal all clear when the emergency is over.


  • Stay indoors, away from windows and large unsupported ceilings.
  • If outside, take shelter inside the nearest building.
  • After the storm, report any injuries or damage to buildings.
  • If the building is damaged severely, evacuate as soon as possible after the storm.


  • Follow the instructions of law enforcement or other authorities.
  • Take personal items (identification, keys, wallet, medications, cellphone, etc.).
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Use the nearest exit or an alternative exit if the nearest exit is blocked.
  • Assist persons with disabilities.
  • Account for others.

Note: Building evacuation is mandatory when the fire alarm is activated.


You may be safer where you are. Do not attempt to leave if you do not have a safe escape route.

  • Remain calm and keep quiet.
  • Turn off audio/video equipment.
  • Follow instructions of law enforcement or other authorities.


  • Activate the nearest fire alarm.
  • Evacuate, accounting for all occupants; avoid using elevators.
  • Call JCSU Campus Police (x1003 or x1004).
  • If forced to travel through smoke, stay low, using a shirt or jacket as a filter.
  • Do not enter the building until emergency personnel authorize re-entry.


  • Halt equipment or processes containing hazardous materials.
  • Evacuate area.
  • Remove contaminated clothing immediately.
  • Flush any point of bodily contact with water for at least 15 min.
  • Report location, type of spill, amount of material involved.
  • Report any injuries, reactions, persons in contact with substance.


  • Remain calm.
  • Get as much information as possible from the caller (description of the explosive, location of the explosive, time it was placed, etc.).
  • Note the time of the call and characteristics of the caller (voice, speech patterns, etc.).
  • Call JCSU Campus Police immediately (x1003 or x1004).
  • Do not handle, move or touch suspicious items.
  • Move to safe location and wait for police.
  • Follow building evacuation procedures when instructed to do so.


  • Never let anyone into a locked building or office.
  • Do not confront the person.
  • Do not block the person’s exit.
  • Call JCSU Campus Police (x 1003 or x 1004) and provide as much information as possible (location of person, description of person, where the person was going, etc.).


Consider escaping if you know the location of the assailant and have a safe escape route.

If it is safe to escape:

  • Move quickly and quietly.
  • Do not run in a straight line.
  • Warn others.
  • Call JCSU Campus Police (x1003 or x1004).

 If it is unsafe to escape:

  • Remain calm.
  • Take no action to intervene.
  • Seek refuge in an area that can be locked from within if possible; do not remain in the open.
  • Lock and barricade doors; lock windows, close blinds and stay away from windows.
  • Turn off lights and audio/video equipment.
  • Hide quietly and remain hidden in the room.
  • Obey all law enforcement commands.