The health, safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff is the University’s highest priority.  

In an effort to protect our students through social distancing measures, JCSU has made the difficult decision to move all of our classes online.  

Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, and continuing through , most University operations will be conducted remotely. During this period, the campus will be inaccessible to everyone except for faculty involved in training or class instruction and other essential employees as outlined below in the “Access to Campus” section.

Employees should speak with their division leader, who will determine business functions that can be performed remotely. Employees working remotely will be paid for their work based on their regularly scheduled work week and in some cases be asked to submit work to supervisors.

Access to Campus

Access will be limited to Level One Essential Personnel and COVID-19 Essential Personnel, a team developed to specifically address the needs of the campus during this unprecedented situation. Essential personnel are employees deemed to be critical to University operations or whose services support critical University activities (including the delivery of online instruction) or infrastructure during this period. As conditions and the needs of the University change, employees may be designated as essential personnel at any time. Employees should speak with division leaders to determine into which category their job descriptions fit. 

For essential personnel who still must come to campus

For our faculty and staff and those who still have to come on campus the University is taking precautions and practicing suggested preventive measures. We have taken the following steps to protect their health and safety:  

  • Soap dispensers in bathrooms will be filled at all times. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed in the residence halls and select centralized locations throughout the campus. 
  • Bottles of hand sanitizer will be placed in some offices and other areas that have a high volume of traffic. 
  • Sanitizing wipes will be placed in the cafeteria and Bullpen, computer labs and Healthplex to allow persons to wipe surfaces, handheld devices, keyboards, exercise equipment, etc. Wipes will also be placed in offices that have a high volume of traffic.