Faculty and Staff Answers

What does paid administrative leave mean? Do I have to use vacation and/or sick leave to receive my pay during that period?

Administrative leave is generally granted at the discretion of the President, for a specific, temporary duration of time.  This leave does not accrue and is not paid out upon separation from the university.  Through April 3, 2020, employees will be paid their base wages and stipends approved by March 20, 2020, without using accrued but unused vacation or sick leave.

How long will I be paid to work remotely if circumstances call for working remotely to continue after April 3, 2020?

We are constantly monitoring the situation to determine how we will conduct business after April 3. We will provide employees as much notice as possible.

What support can I expect from the University while I’m working remotely?

The IT team is available to provide technical assistance and training. You may contact the help desk by calling the University main phone line at 704.378.1000 and entering option "9" to be re-routed to our Helpdesk or send an email message to helpdesk@jcsu.edu for assistance. Because we are operating in unchartered territory, it is difficult for us to predict exactly what resources are required for each employee to work successfully. Please discuss all other needs with your manager, who will address your needs on a case-by-case basis.

What does limited access mean? What if I need something from my office so I can work remotely?

Managers have developed a list of employees authorized to access campus. Please contact your manager and develop a way of getting the information you need to perform your work effectively over the next two weeks.

What will the status of my benefits be during this time? Will I continue to have health benefits even if the University stops paying me?

Your benefits will continue as long as you are in paid status. The House and Senate have passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act with the goal of reducing the financial impact on employees. We are reviewing the Act to see how it will impact JCSU employees

What if I am an essential employee and I get sick? What if I am a professor who gets sick, who will take over my classes?

Each division head has been asked to update or develop a business continuity plan to address this rapidly changing health challenge. Please contact your supervisor for information about the continuity plan for your specific area.

If an essential employee gets COVID-19 on campus will the campus be closed instead of restricted?

Beginning March 23, 2020, the University will conduct most of its business remotely in an effort to limit the number of faculty and staff on campus at one time. If an employee becomes ill, he/she should follow the guidance from their physician, the CDC and the local health department.

What resources are available to our employees at this time for our mental health?

Self-care is always important but it is even more important now. Should you need assistance in addressing personal or work-related challenges, don’t hesitate to use your free employee assistance program resources for yourself or your family. You may access these services 24 hours a day, seven days a week through atriumhealth.org/EAP using JCSU login code: JCS144.

How will I receive my pay during this period?

All University paid employees (faculty, staff and students) have access to the ADP Payroll portal through workforcenow.adp.com. Select "Sign Up” then follow directions using the registration codeJCSU-registration. Utilize this system to enroll in direct deposit immediately through Myself>Pay>Payment Options.

If you do not have a banking account, reach out to Payroll through Payroll@jcsu.edu using your JCSU email address to request a paycard with the VISA logo. Wages can be loaded onto the card upon request then mailed to the employee.