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Pre-Semester Session 2019

Thurs., July 25 – Tues., August 6

See the flyer for the Pre-Semester Session 2019▸

Students at Pre-Semester Session

The Pre-Semester Session is an amazing opportunity for motivated and proactive incoming freshman. Join us for a two-week pre-semester session designed for students who want to get a jumpstart on their education and obtain four course credits.

  • Gain an academic edge by taking college classes taught by JCSU professors
  • Move on campus early
  • Bond with your freshman classmates
  • Participate in social and cultural excursions around Charlotte
  • Engage in fun team building activities

*Students in the Sit Lux Research/Scholars program, are REQUIRED to attend the Pre-Semester Session. Students in the Biddle Freshman Program are encouraged to attend, but it is not mandatory. All other incoming freshman are welcomed to join us, but attendance it not required.

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