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JCSU Appoints Cathy Jones as Associate Dean of First-Year Experience

Charlotte, N.C. (July 7, 2015) -- Dr. Cathy Jones has been appointed as the Associate Dean of First-Year Experience, joining Dr. Antonio Henley in launching University College, JCSU’s educational platform to enhance academic potential with a focus on students’ strengths that build a foundation for global leadership. As the associate dean, Jones will be responsible for leading the design and implementation of activities and initiatives that improve student retention and persistence and for scaffolding the college’s academic achievement and support programs.

Jones said this appointment will afford her the opportunity to work with departments across the campus while using her skills to help develop University College. “I am excited for this unique opportunity to provide vision, leadership and strategic direction to the University College’s division of the First-Year Experience,” said Jones. “This role will afford me the latitude to expand my skills and capabilities in collaborating with internal and external constituents to develop a conceptual framework for the First-Year Experience.”

In her new role, Jones will establish a coordinated comprehensive approach to the University’s array of first-year programs. Her duties will include providing vision, leadership and strategic direction to University College’s division of First-Year Experience – Orientation and Achievement Services, as well as control, maintain and protect student records. She will also lead the planning, development and implementation of a comprehensive academic and social orientation and transition for new undergraduate students, including Golden Bull Express, Strengths-based Pre-Semester Session, and New and Transfer Student Orientation/Welcome Week, to ensure a seamless integration into the University. Jones will create a Parent Advisory Board, design communications for parent education and create communications that promote the First-Year Experience division’s programs and services.

JCSU President Ronald L. Carter praised Jones’s work in advancing student development and said her leadership will be instrumental in the success of University College. “I am delighted that Dr. Cathy Jones has agreed to assume this very important leadership role in University College,” Carter said.  “She brings significant qualifications and experience needed to help manage this newly created academic unit.  While I appreciate her track record of success in student development, the University needs her motivational leadership and vision to build a broader and substantial platform for students’ experiences in terms of their educational journey and engagement here at Smith.  In joining the academy, Dr. Jones makes this opportunity possible not only for the University, but for her career goals as well.”

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