Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP)

CIP Code CIP Title Campus Title
09.0102 Mass Communication/Media Studies Communication Arts
11.0101 Computer and Information Sciences, General Computer Science/Information Systems
11.0103 Information Technology Information Systems Engineering
14.0901 Computer Engineering, General Computer Engineering
16.0905 Spanish Language and Literature Spanish
23.0101 English Language and Literature, General English
26.0101 Biology/Biological Sciences, General Biology
27.0101 Mathematics, General Mathematics
30.9999 Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other Interdisciplinary Studies
31.0504 Sport and Fitness Administration/Management Sport Management
40.0501 Chemistry, General Chemistry
42.0101 Psychology, General Psychology
44.0701 Social Work Social Work (BSW)
44.0701 Social Work Social Work (MSW)
45.0401 Criminology Criminology
45.0601 Economics, General Economics
45.1001 Political Sciences and Government, General Political Science
50.0101 Visual and Performing Arts, General Visual and Performing Arts
50.0903 Music Performance, General Music 
50.0301 Dance, General Dance
51.1504 Community Health Service Liaison Counseling Community Health 
52.0201 Business Administration, General Business Administration 
54.0101 History, General History