Employee Benefits

JCSU offers a number of benefits to employees. Please be aware that the information presented below is produced for summary purposes only and is not a contract. Benefits may change at any time with or without notice. For more information, please contact the human resources coordinator at (704) 378-1228.

Health Insurance Plans

The University offers a self-insured PPO and a HDHP Plan that are administrated by Healthgram and utilizes the GWH-Cigna PPO network.  A Wellness Premium discount is available to those that participate.  A full vision benefit is included. A rate schedule and information about the plan is available from the Office of Human Resources. Your health insurance coverage becomes effective on the 61st day of employment.

Dental Insurance

JCSU offers dental coverage through Delta Dental. This coverage takes effect the first day of the month after 60 days of continuous employment.

Life Insurance

The University provides you with a group term life insurance policy through Standard Insurance Company with a value of one times your annual salary.  The details of this policy are available in the Office of Human Resources.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

The University provides each full-time employee with group long-term disability insurance through Standard Insurance Company.  The details of this policy are available in the Office of Human Resources.

Supplemental Policies

Supplemental life insurance and short-term disability policies are available to employees and may be paid through payroll deduction.


To assist faculty and staff to plan for their retirement, Johnson C. Smith University provides a supplemental 403 (B) retirement plan utilizing TIAA.  Enrollment in this plan is not automatic.  Employees may elect to participate within a supplemental retirement account immediately.  The University also offers a matching plan.  Eligible employees are required to contribute in order to receive the University’s match.  You must enroll in the plan and contribute employee contributions before the University makes contributions on your behalf.  Enrollment is not automatic.   The University will match contributions on a dollar for dollar basis up to a maximum of 5% for eligible employees that complete and submit the appropriate enrollment forms to the Office of Human Resources.  For information regarding the eligibility requirements, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 704.378.1228.

Sick Leave

Faculty and nonacademic personnel are granted one paid day of sick leave each month of employment during the calendar year.

Accrued but unused sick leave may be accumulated and carried over from year to year, up to a maximum of 60 days. Sick leave may be taken for an employee’s personal illness, medical appointments or the illness of a parent, child or spouse. Should an illness occur, the university will pay the employee's full salary until all accumulated sick leave has been exhausted.

If an extended illness requires an employee to be absent from the university beyond the accumulated days, no further compensation will be extended by the university. The university does not pay for accrued but unused sick leave upon termination.

Vacation Leave

Nonacademic personnel earn vacation leave in accordance with the leave schedule, available from the Office of Human Resources. Vacation leave must be approved by an employee's supervisor prior to the employee taking leave. Vacation leave may also be used for other personal reasons requiring absence from work.

Nonacademic personnel may earn a maximum of 20 vacation days. Once the employee has reached the maximum leave balance, no more leave can be earned until existing days are taken.

Bereavement Leave

Upon the approval of the immediate supervisor, nonacademic personnel will be granted up to three days of bereavement leave for the death of an immediate family member, defined as a mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, child or grandchild of the employee.

Employees may also use accrued vacation time for extended leave after the three-day period. Vacation leave may also be granted for death outside the immediate family.

Other Leaves of Absence

You may be eligible for other leaves of absence, including:

  • Sabbaticals
  • Leave for military duty
  • Leave for jury duty
  • Educational leave
  • Family/medical leave


The university observes the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day 
  • Good Friday 
  • Easter Monday
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day 
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving 
  • Christmas Eve 
  • Christmas Day
  • Day after Christmas
  • MLK Birthday 
  • Memorial Day

Tuition Remission

Full-time employees who have completed six months of continuous service are eligible to enroll in a maximum of three semester hours each semester for one-half the tuition cost. If an employee qualifies for tuition remission, the dependent children of that employee may also receive a waiver of half the tuition for up to 18 hours.

Dependents may also be eligible for a full-tuition waiver at one of more than 100 participating consortium schools. A list of participating colleges and universities is available in the Office of Human Resources.

Merit Increases

The board of trustees authorizes the administration to award merit pay increases. The total amount of funds allocated is dependent upon the university’s financial standing. Employee performance is evaluated annually.

This appraisal serves as the basis for merit increase awards. Full-time employees in nontemporary positions who are employed on or before January 1 of the calendar year may be considered for cost-of-living and merit pay increases.

Flexible Benefits Program

All full-time employees are given the opportunity to participate in a flexible benefits program that allows them to pay for medical, dental and life insurance benefits with pretax dollars.

Employees may also establish a flexible spending account to pay for dependent care, as well as health-related services not covered by the university. By using pretax dollars for expenses traditionally paid for on an after-tax basis, employees realize savings in federal withholding and Social Security taxes and increase their take-home pay.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistant Program (EAP) is designed to help employees and their immediate family members who are troubled by substance abuse, marital, financial and emotional problems.

Services provided through the EAP are strictly confidential and free of charge. University EAP services are provided through Carolinas Healthcare System and Principal Financial Group using Magellan Health Services.

Worker’s Compensation

Employees who become disabled or who have suffered loss of earnings through accidental injury arising out of, or in the course of, employment may be entitled to compensatory payments. These payments may cover medical, surgical and hospitalization expenses.


Continuation of health plans at group rates, in certain instances, may be granted for up to 18 months for employees and 36 months for eligible dependents.

Credit Union

The School Worker’s Federal Credit Union offers a convenient way to save money. Members may establish checking accounts and apply for loans. Payroll deduction is available or savings, loan repayment, Christmas clubs and certificates of deposit. Coastal Federal Credit Union also welcomes the membership of JCSU employees and their immediate families.

Pay Periods

Nonexempt hourly employees are paid biweekly. All other employees are paid on the last working day of the month. Employees may be eligible for direct deposit. Please contact the payroll coordinator for details.