Enrollment Information

Enrollment Status

Full-time: Any student enrolled for 12 or more semester hours

Part-time: Any student enrolled for fewer than 12 semester hours

Special: Students who are enrolled but are not taking coursework toward earning a degree

Classification of Students

Students in the university are classified at the beginning of each semester according to records in the registrar's office. The basis for this classification is as follows:

Seniors: Students who have, unconditionally, at least 90 credit hours of work

Juniors: Students who have, unconditionally, at least 60 credit hours of work

Sophomores: Students who have at least 30 credit hours of work.

Freshmen: All other students, not registered as special, who have fewer than 30 credit hours of work


A student who has withdrawn in good standing and who subsequently seeks readmission, as well as students who wish to return after a period of suspension, must apply through the Office of Admissions. Students applying for readmission MUST receive notice of approval from the university before they can return.

Enrollment Verification

The registrar’s office is responsible for verifying student enrollment status for employment, loan deferments, insurance verification, graduation and fee assessment. Any such request can be honored by submitting an Enrollment Verification Request Form or by writing to the registrar’s office. A currently enrolled student can also make a request by stopping in the office.

Transfer Credit

Students may obtain credit by attending another college or university if the following conditions are met:

  • The proposed institution of study is accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies of the United States and must offer courses equivalent to those at Johnson C. Smith University.
  • Approval is secured from instructors, advisors and chairs of the departments at Johnson C. Smith University by completing a Transfer Credit Form PRIOR to taking the course. When the form has been completed, the original is returned to the registrar’s office. Elective credit may be received for certain courses which do not correspond to any offered at Johnson C. Smith University, provided approval is first received from the appropriate department chair.
  • Approved courses in which the student receives a grade of “C” or better are transferable. CREDIT FOR GRADES BELOW “C” WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Where quarter hours are taken, they will be converted at the rate of five quarter hours to equal three semester hours.
  • Normally, no more than 15 hours, EXCLUDING COURSE WORK THROUGH THE CONSORTIUM, may be transferred, the during the entire JCSU enrollment.
  • Courses in which students have earned an “F” may only be repeated at Johnson C. Smith University.
*Note: Upon completion of the course, the student must request from the institution they attended that an official transcript be sent to Johnson C. Smith University’s registrar’s office.

College transcript evaluations for transfer purposes

The university generally will accept a maximum of 64 hours from junior colleges and 90 from four-year institutions. Credit hours, not grade points, are transferred. The student must have earned a minimum grade of “C” in a course for it to be considered for transfer credit. The transfer process is initiated by submitting an application and transcripts to the Office of Admissions.

International transcript evaluations for transfer purposes

The student must have his/her transcript evaluated by World Educational Services, Inc. A copy of the evaluation must be sent to Johnson C. Smith University’s Office of Admissions directly from the evaluation agency.

World Educational Services, Inc
P.O. Box 745
Old Chelsea Station
New York, New York 60611-0745
(212) 966-6311

A maximum of 90 hours can be transferred to Johnson C. Smith University. There is a fee for this service, which must be paid directly to World Educational Services, Inc.

The information on this page is maintained by the Office of the Registrar. For more information or questions please contact them directly at Registrar@jcsu.edu or 704.378.1108.