Your Campus Family

Family — this is the word our students, alumni, faculty and staff use more often than any other to describe the JCSU experience. At JCSU, you are not a number. You are a person, a face, a name and a member of our community.

It’s no surprise then that 77% of our first-year students feel that JCSU has a substantial commitment to their academic success.

Professors who know your name.

Our faculty are experts in their fields, but they are also energetic teachers who care about your success. Between their interest in you and the small class sizes you find at JCSU, you are never going to get lost in the crowd.

That personal interaction goes beyond the classroom door. Professors hold regular office hours for support and feedback. And don’t be surprised if they stop you for a chat walking across campus or in the cafeteria.

If you’re interested in a professor’s research, ask about it. By their senior year, 49% of our students have participated in research with a faculty member.

Advising that fits your needs.

JCSU offers student advising that goes beyond graduation requirements. Our advisors give you the tools you need to succeed. We can help you:

  • Plan your class schedule to meet your academic and career goals.
  • Give you advice on time management so you can learn how to balance the demands of school with work, life and other obligations or activities.
  • Connect you with mentors and tutors who will help you do your best in class and grow as an individual.

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