Need something to do in your downtime?

Between the many events and amenities on campus and Charlotte’s big-city activity, our students can always find something to occupy their time when classes and study sessions end.

On Campus


The entire JCSU family comes together for the biggest celebration of the year. In addition to the big Golden Bulls game, you’ll find parties and social activities that will boost your school spirit such as:

  • Step shows
  • Talent competitions
  • Runway shows
  • Musical performances
  • Sports tournaments

Bull Fest

Bull Fest, JCSU’s yearly spring fling, offers students a week full of recreational and social activities, including events put together by our greek organizations and other student groups on campus.

Student Organizations

For more opportunities to meet people and serve your on- and off-campus communities, consider joining one of the many student organizations.

Greek Life

Our fraternities and sororities organize step shows, yard shows and public service opportunities throughout the school year.

University Concert Choir performances

If you’re in need of some gospel in song form, check out a JCSU Concert Choir performance. Want to do more than listen? Audition!

JCSU Sports

Featuring the Luv-a-Bulls, our JCSU cheerleaders, and the International Institution of Sound marching band, you’ll always have something entertaining to watch on the field or court — and on the sidelines too.


And we still haven’t mentioned the gym parties, movie nights, comedy shows, DJ contests, talent shows and many other events organized for our campus community throughout the academic year!

Photo by: Jeff Cravatta

Charlotte nearby.

Take advantage of your central location in our growing city. Among its many offerings, you’ll find:

The CIAA Basketball Tournament

Every year, the Queen City hosts this nationwide basketball tournament, bringing with it an exciting roster of games, events and social activities on campus and throughout the city.

Professional Sports

Art, science and history museums and galleries

Charlotte has dozens of museums and galleries that cater to every taste and area of interest — from traditional Southern craft to contemporary African art, to special exhibitions on art, history, science and architecture. 

Dance, theatre and music performances

Professional companies and traveling acts fill the city’s theaters and other performance venues every night of the week.

Festivals and Celebrations

If you like a citywide party based on a theme, you’ll want to experience events like Taste of Charlotte, Speed Street, our July 4th celebration and more!

To learn more about Charlotte’s many offerings, see the city’s official resource, Charlotte’s Got a Lot or take a look at our short list of Charlotte’s highlights.

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