What is the Biddle Institute?

The Biddle Institute provides the structure, opportunity and encouragement that students need to reach their full academic potential.

The Biddle Institute supports two specific groups of students:

  • Students who have not declared a major
  • Students who did not meet either the GPA or ACT/SAT requirement for admission, but have demonstrated that they are capable of achievement on the university level  


The Biddle Cohort, your customized JCSU experience.

If you don’t have the required GPA or ACT/SAT scores but have shown us you have the ability to succeed at JCSU, you’ll become part of the Biddle Cohort.

The Biddle Cohort gets the highest level of personalized attention at JCSU. Your first-semester classes will be smaller and more personalized. You’ll also take classes with Biddle Institute professors who are aware of your learning needs and are committed to your success.

As part of the Biddle Cohort, you’ll be assigned a tutor and an advisor. Your advisor will teach you helpful study skills and time-management techniques. You’ll move into the spring semester prepared with the tools every student needs to succeed.

The Bottom Line: We accept students who show promise.

Are you good at tests but had a life or home situation that dropped your high school GPA?

Are you known as a classroom stand-out with your grades but always score low on standardized tests?

At JCSU, we’re looking for students like you who will be able to succeed with us, NOT just those who did well in high school.  Our admissions counselors look beyond the numbers and consider each applicant as an individual. Some students just need the right tools to succeed. 

You’ll get them at JCSU.

Biddle Institute provides the one-on-one advising and academic support structure to ensure your success. If you’re ready for the challenge, we can help you do more than you thought you could. 

The information on this page is maintained by the Admissions Department. For more information or questions please contact them directly at 704.378.1010.