Karla Zopiyaxtle

Karla Zopiyaxtle

Karla Zopiyaxtle ’20, a criminology major, has been working hard this summer during her internship at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Courthouse’s Self-Serve Center. An opportunity she learned about through her professor and mentor, Dr. Nicola Bivens. Zopiyaxtle, who is Hispanic, is helping with translation at the courthouse

“My role is very strategic, as I help with translation to the Hispanic community and attend legal clinics to assist organizations such as La Coalicion (The Latin American Coalition),” said Zopiyaxtle.  “I am the only Hispanic representing an HBCU and I am interning with students who are from law school or other graduate programs. It is very rewarding to give back to the community and fill a huge need for translation and bilingual services in the courthouse.”

Another pleasant surprise for Karla has been to work under the supervision of another Smithite, Jessica Davis ’02, who currently serves as Community and Support and Disability Access Coordinator at the Trial Court Administrator’s Office, District 26.

Karla will hold this position until December of 2019.