Federal Return to Title IV Refund Policy

The Office of Financial Aid is required by federal regulation to calculate a Return to Title IV Funds (R2T4) amount for all students who withdraw or are dismissed during a semester.  The policy applies to students receiving financial aid assistance who discontinue enrollment in all classes on or after the first day of the term.  If you drop some but not all of your classes, this policy does not apply to you.  

When you withdraw the Office of Financial Aid must calculate the amount of financial aid you have earned prior to withdrawing.   Any aid in excess of the earned amount is considered unearned.  The unearned financial aid monies must be returned to the respective federal student aid programs. Earned aid is determined by taking the number of days attending before withdrawing divided by the total number of days in the term.  The return policy applies to students that withdraw on or before the 60% point of the term.


A student withdraws for fall semester on October 1.  The total number of days attended is 15 days and there are 133 days  in the term.  The student’s earned aid = 11.3% (15days / 133 days).  The unearned aid = 88.7%.  

The return amount is determined by multiplying the unearned aid percentage by the total of all Title IV aid received.  Aid will be returned in the following order:

  1. Unsubsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans
  2. Subsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans
  3. Federal Perkins Loans
  4. Federal Direct PLUS Loans
  5. Federal Pell Grants for which a return of funds is required.
  6. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  7. Federal Teach Grant

You will be notified in writing showing that portion of unearned aid the school will refund and that portion you are responsible to pay.

Unofficial Withdrawal

When you stop attending without officially withdrawing and receives a “W”, “F” or “I” grade at the end of each term, The Office of Financial review the last date of attendance records for students who did not officially withdraw.  If this date is earlier than the official withdrawal date, it will be used in the Return of Title IV funds calculation.

Return of Title IV Funds Policy

(Financial Aid Withdrawal Refund Policy)

The Financial Aid Withdrawal Policy pertains to the amount of financial aid that the student may keep, based on the student's date of withdrawal.

Federal Regulation requires JCSU to perform a Return to Title IV (R2T4) calculation when students receiving federal student aid officially or unofficially withdraw from all courses during a semester. The student is obligated to pay for all tuition and non-refundable fees assessed through the last date of class attendance (earned portion of charges).

The University will return to the appropriate financial aid programs awarded to the student for the portion of the semester or period of enrollment that the student did not attend (unearned portion of aid). The University must calculate the amount of the funds that were unearned, up through the 60% point in each payment period or period of enrollment. The student will be responsible for repaying any unearned aid disbursed to the student.

A withdrawn student will be notified in writing what their obligation (if any) is to the Department of Education.

It is possible that a student who receives financial aid and withdraws during the Financial Aid Withdrawal period will owe a balance or a repayment to the JCSU Student Accounts Office and may be required to repay funds to the U.S. Department of Education.

The information on this page is maintained by the Financial Aid Department. For more information or questions please contact them directly at 704.378.1035.