Financial Aid

If the FAFSA application and school codes have you scratching your head, you're in the right place. Want to know more about federal aid and scholarships? Are you on track with your paperwork? Find the answers to your financial aid questions here.

Seven Steps to Completing Financial Aid

Here's a quick overview of the seven simple steps every student needs to follow to complete the financial aid process. 

Apply for Aid

Get the ball rolling on your financial aid.

Financial Aid Forms

Find all the forms to complete your financial aid application.

Scholarship Websites

A list of websites where you can apply for scholarships and financial aid. 

Types of Aid

Discover the options available to fund your college education.

Financial Aid Options

In addition to the many aid options that are provided by JCSU, students and their families also have several options on how to finance higher education.

Financial Aid Options from JCSU

There are several types of financial aid that are available through the university.

Financial Aid FAQ

The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions asked about financial aid.