Why Study at JCSU?

At JCSU, we’ll expose you to professionals and up-and-coming artists in the industry. These connections won’t just help you in your classes; they’ll give you the connections for internships and jobs in the future.

You’ll be able to design, create and perform right away in your classes, and you’ll leave JCSU with a well-rounded background in all forms of art.

We prepare you for success beyond the classroom.

The visual and performing arts major allows students to showcase their talents and network with the Charlotte arts community. JCSU’s Arts Advisory Board gives you access to the arts and inside information about volunteer, internships and job opportunities.

Our Arts Advisory Board includes big-name organizations in Charlotte like:

Opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

Our students have several ways to gain relevant experience in the field they want to go into.

  • Our graphic and studio artists have the chance to work with guest artists and see professional work in local museums and galleries, as well as JCSU's Crutchfield Art Gallery on campus.
  • In addition to seeing professional theatrical performances in Charlotte, our theatre students will work with visiting artists on campus.
  • As an aspiring film maker, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at production studios in action and get professional advice from guest artists.
  • If you’re a dancer, you’ll have the opportunity to perform with the Smith Repertory Dance Company (a student ensemble selected by audition) and The Wanda Project (JCSU’s professional dance company in residence).

Personalized attention gives you the tools to succeed.

In addition to the hands-on training in your chosen career field, your JCSU professors will make sure you’re ready for the job search after graduation.

During your yearlong sophomore practicum, our faculty members will teach you how to write cover letters and resumes, complete internship applications, prepare your portfolio and practice for interviews and auditions.

You’ll benefit from our small class sizes that give you individual attention from your professors. They’ll mentor you one on one, and you’ll be able to improve your skills quickly and confidently.

Why choose a liberal arts education?

College graduates with a liberal arts education are vital to our country’s progress.

According to an article from CNN.com, “Why liberal arts matter,” students who graduate from liberal arts universities have a distinct advantage. They will be able to look at any problem and find a creative solution, as well as new opportunities. Rather than a technical degree that focuses on one area, a liberal arts education combines the study of science and math with the arts and humanities.

At JCSU, we emphasize learning new technologies, in addition to different world views and cultures. We teach our students to ask “why?” and to look at any situation from a variety of angles.

Employees who think creatively and communicate well will always be in high demand. As a JCSU student, you’ll improve these skills with every course you take.

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