Biddle Institute

About us

The Biddle Institute, a division of the University College, exists to preserve Johnson C. Smith University’s commitment to open access to educational opportunity. The primary outgrowth of this commitment provides an opportunity for admission to the University to students who may need additional structure and support as indicated by traditional admissions criteria.  These students’ demonstration of non- and meta-cognitive strengths and skills (leadership, resilience, motivation, etc.), in addition to academic achievements, are also used to determine admission to the University.  A secondary function of this commitment provides an administrative office that manages specific, intrusive support services provided to students in the Biddle Institute.

Our mission

The mission of the Biddle Institute is to coordinate and deliver intrusive support services to the diverse group of multi-talented and motivated students from various ethnic, socioeconomic, and geographic backgrounds who enter the University via strengths/skills-based programs and academic measures.

Goals and objectives

The key objectives of the Biddle Institute are to:

  1. Provide services that support students as they progress through the first year;
  2. Provide and monitor opportunities for students to make meaningful contact with the College faculty and staff for assistance with transition issues and advising concerns;
  3. Provide and monitor opportunities for students to attend a variety of meaningful activities, through several modes of programming, designed to enrich their first year experience and personal development.

The information on this page is maintained by the University College. For more information or questions please contact them directly at 704.378.1140.