Why Study at JCSU?

Our Spanish program will give you the practical knowledge to be successful in your chosen career. Not only will you study the language, you’ll learn to look at the world from a different point of view.

This understanding of the cultures and beliefs of Spanish and Latin American societies will help you when you are talking to your neighbors and relating to your coworkers in the new global community.

We prepare you for success beyond the classroom.

Being able to speak Spanish will give you a competitive edge in the job market. But how do you learn to speak another language as well as you speak English?

Our professors know that to become fluent in Spanish, you have to speak and listen to the language in the real world, not just in the classroom. That’s why our program emphasizes service learning and speaking in social settings.

You’ll earn college credit by going into the Charlotte community to work with organizations where Spanish is the primary spoken language.

At JCSU, you’ll find that our program focuses on making it easier for you to make contact with people of other cultures. By studying Spanish, you’ll learn to understand other cultures and the ideas and beliefs that govern their societies. You’ll become a better employee and a better global citizen.

Personalized attention gives you the tools to succeed.

You’ll find that our small classes give you a sense of community. Our Spanish professors are experienced in the vibrant language and culture of Spain and Latin America, and they are enthusiastic when they discuss them with you during class lectures.

Our faculty will give you personalized attention in and out of the classroom to help you better read, write and speak Spanish. While we want you to develop the ability to think critically on your own, we are always there to guide you in your practice of the language.

Why choose a liberal arts education?

College graduates with a liberal arts education are vital to our country’s progress.

According to an article from CNN.com, “Why liberal arts matter,” students who graduate from liberal arts universities have a distinct advantage. They will be able to look at any problem and find a creative solution, as well as new opportunities. Rather than a technical degree that focuses on one area, a liberal arts education combines the study of science and math with the arts and humanities.

At JCSU, we emphasize learning new technologies, in addition to different world views and cultures. We teach our students to ask “why?” and to look at any situation from a variety of angles.

Employees who think creatively and communicate well will always be in high demand. As a JCSU student, you’ll improve these skills with every course you take.

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