What You’ll Learn

¿Habla usted español? (Do you speak Spanish?)

With a degree in Spanish from JCSU, you’ll be able to confidently speak, read and write in the second most spoken language in the United States.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center , the Hispanic population in America has grown by 43% in the last decade. As the population’s numbers continue to rise, employers will look for employees who are not only bilingual, but who also understand the values of the Hispanic culture.

What will I study as a Spanish major?

Do you want to be ready for the future job market? With the dramatic increase in the Hispanic population in the United States, learning about the Spanish culture and communication will prepare you for a career in:

  • Business
  • Law enforcement
  • Health care

Do your interests lie more in studying the Spanish language and great works in literature? If so, a concentration in language and literature will improve your reading and writing skills and prepare you for graduate school.

No matter which track you choose, our Spanish program will give you a strong background in the Spanish and Latin American cultures. In addition to the history of Spain, you’ll study the Aztec, Mayan and Incan civilizations to understand their influences on current Latin American society.

Today, Spanish is spoken in every industry. When you enter the workforce, you’ll have a full understanding of the different Spanish and Hispanic cultures, as well as the ability to fluently write and communicate in one of the world’s most spoken languages.


  • Language and Literature
  • Culture and Communication

Popular classes in the Spanish program



SPA 437 Hispanic Film View Spanish and Latin American films that focus on their relationship to literature, social and political issues, cultural differences, morals and ethics.
SPA 438 Afro-Hispanic Literature and Culture Study how Afro-Hispanics write about, and view themselves and their culture, in Latin American literature.
SPA 239 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals Study the vocabulary and terminology that doctors, nurses and other community workers need to communicate with Hispanic clients and health professionals.
SPA 236 Spanish for Business and Technology Improve Spanish terminology to establish a résumé, write business letters, conduct an interview and business presentation in Spanish.

Where will I study Spanish?

As a Spanish major at JCSU, the entire world can be your classroom.

With our Go Global! initiative, you’ll receive a free passport and have the opportunity to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience studying abroad. In the past, our students have studied special topics covering Spanish film and literature, history, politics, art and culture — all in a foreign country.

Inside the classroom, our students learn the Spanish language in state-of-the-art smart classrooms. Our professors use online videos and films to show you the uniqueness of the Spanish and Latin American cultures.

Online resources, like Vistas Supersite, will make you a better speaker by helping you perfect your vocabulary and pronunciation through easy-to-understand examples.

What will I learn outside the Spanish program?

JCSU is a private liberal arts university. What this means to you is that your education will broadly cover all areas of study. The diversity of your classes will help you look at “the big picture” in any career you choose.

  • Classes in computer science and communication arts will give you a definite advantage in the job market and workplace.
  • Your English literature courses will teach you to think creatively and express your ideas clearly.
  • By taking math and science classes, you’ll have a better understanding of the world around you.
  • Health and physical education courses give you the knowledge to cope with everyday stress and lead a better, longer life.

Having a college education will give you the tools to succeed in life. Having a liberal arts education will give you the opportunity to take your success further.

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