Why Study at JCSU?

Our social work program has been specifically tailored to meet the demands of today’s workplace.

  • With an aging Baby Boomer population, the study of aging and the ability to work with the elderly is becoming more important.
  • The ongoing economic recession has caused even more trouble for families and children who were already struggling financially.

Caring and compassionate social workers are needed now more than ever. At JCSU, you’ll learn the skills necessary to help those who need it most.

We prepare you for success beyond the classroom.

We know that to be an effective social worker, you have to know the people you’ll be serving. And although you can learn a lot from your classes, your best teacher will be experience.

Your JCSU professors have connections to a variety of service agencies throughout the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. Based on your interests, they’ll help place you in an organization where you can learn firsthand the daily responsibilities of a social worker.

If your future plans involve graduate school, approximately 60% of all social work majors continue to graduate school to obtain a Master of Social Work degree, the experience you have in the field will stand out on your application.

Research opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

Our students are active members of the community. Their research findings can help us better our neighborhoods and provide the citizens of Charlotte with a better quality of life.

Our students have researched important topics that include:

  • Children in Residential Care and Educational Challenges and Barriers
  • A Study of Factors Related to Why Students Drop Out of High School
  • Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients, the Effects on Family Members Financially and Emotionally

Get involved in on-campus activities and organizations.

The Social Work Club will help you get to know your professors and classmates and take advantage of opportunities for fun, fellowship and service. Our club holds several community service projects a year, some of which include:

  • A community service project with a local battered women’s shelter
  • A clothing drive for Goodwill
  • A mentoring program with older adults in the community
  • An alumni mixer
  • Department of Social Work socials

Phi Alpha Honor Society, the national social work honor society, is another organization where our students can exchange ideas with other social work majors.

As a member of the honor society, you’ll be able to participate in meaningful service projects in the Charlotte community. In the past, our students have helped mentor children in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

Why choose a liberal arts education?

College graduates with a liberal arts education are vital to our country’s progress.

According to an article from CNN.com, “Why liberal arts matter,” students who graduate from liberal arts universities have a distinct advantage. They will be able to look at any problem and find a creative solution, as well as new opportunities. Rather than a technical degree that focuses on one area, a liberal arts education combines the study of science and math with the arts and humanities.

At JCSU, we emphasize learning new technologies, in addition to different world views and cultures. We teach our students to ask “why?” and to look at any situation from a variety of angles.

Employees who think creatively and communicate well will always be in high demand. As a JCSU student, you’ll improve these skills with every course you take.

The information on this page is maintained by the Department of Social Work. For more information or questions please contact them directly at 704.378.1064.