Why Study at JCSU?

The political science program at JCSU can lead you to a wide variety of career opportunities. Whether you want to become a politican or continue your studies with graduate or law school, JCSU will provide you with a strong foundation in academia, as well as practical training.

We prepare you for success beyond the classroom.

In addition to reading classic texts and learning facts and figures, our political science program provides opportunities to cultivate life skills, such as critical thinking, public speaking and appropriate writing. Our faculty utilize the latest learning tools to ensure students are ready to pursue a career path upon graduation.

The political science internship course further gives our students exposure and experience in real-world workplaces. By establishing and maintaining relationships with the city of Charlotte in this tough economy, faculty members work hard to provide students with as many stepping stones to a career as possible.

Personalized attention gives you the tools to succeed.

With small classrooms and plenty of one-on-one interactions with faculty, student success is the goal of our program. Our faculty regularly interact with students in and out of the classroom and look for opportunities to engage students in educational events and activities, such as the North Carolina Political Science Association and the National Conference of Black Political Scientists.

Get involved in on-campus activities and organizations.

Students will have plenty of opportunity to get involved with activities that pique their interest beyond the classroom. The political science program is involved with a number of on-campus organizations, such as the Political Science Association, Democracy Matters, NAACP chapter and more. We are also involved with campus-wide events throughout the year, from the annual celebration of Constitution Day to political debates with prominent guest speakers.

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