What You’ll Learn

The study of history isn’t just names and dates. It’s the study of great leaders, innovators and the accomplishments and pitfalls of great nations.

At JCSU, our history program will teach you how significant events in the past shaped the societies we know today. You’ll also learn how to think like a historian so that you can make significant discoveries of your own.

What will I study as a history major?

From apartheid in South Africa to the rise of Communism in Europe, majors in our history program cover it all.

As a student, you’ll study significant events in:

  • America
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • African-American history
  • Women’s history

Learning how to research the past will give you the analytical skills – and the creativity – to make bold predications about the future.

Classes in economics, political science and sociology complement the history major. Even if you don’t see court cases and politics in your future, these classes will help you better understand and work with different governments, cultures and communities.

Popular classes in the history program



HIS 435 Northern Africa Examine the beginnings of the human race, Christian and Islamic influences, as well as recent revolutions and modern events.
HIS 434 The New South Study Southern history from the Reconstruction Era to today, including modern problems and development.
HIS 339 African-American History II Study African-American history and culture from the Reconstruction Era to today.
HIS 391 Historiography Learn how to conduct historical research and study the works and methods of famous historians.

Where will I study history?

Our program brings history to life with smart classrooms and field study.

From following power plays in American diplomacy on Twitter to online research through digital archives, technology at JCSU has made history accessible to everyone. As you study the assassination of John F. Kennedy, you’ll read transcripts from the White House and listen to the actual tapes of what happened that fateful afternoon in Dallas.

Field trips to local museums, plantations and historic neighborhoods take you out of the classroom to work with public. The stories you’ll find here play an important part in recording and preserving history for future generations.

What will I learn outside the history program?

JCSU is a private liberal arts university. What this means to you is that your education will broadly cover all areas of study. The diversity of your classes will help you look at “the big picture” in any career you choose.


  • Classes in computer science and communication arts will give you a definite advantage in the job market and workplace.
  • Taking several English and foreign language classes will help you interact with a global community that is getting smaller each day.
  • By taking math and science classes, you’ll have a better understanding of the world around you.
  • Health and physical education courses give you the knowledge to cope with everyday stress and lead a better, longer life.


Having a college education will give you the tools to succeed in life. Having a liberal arts education will give you the opportunity to take your success further.

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