Why Study at JCSU?

Academic rigor in your training, performance, and research are the hallmarks of the Dance Program at JCSU. In the studio, you will be pushed to work in new and difficult ways, refusing to settle for how you have always done things before. You will develop auditioning skills, by auditioning for fall and spring dance concerts, auditioning for guest choreographers, auditioning for summer programs, and auditioning for our student ensemble, the Smith Repertory Dance Company, or for The Wanda Project, JCSU’s ballet-based contemporary dance company-in-residence, which is also open to professional dancers in the Charlotte community. Finally, you will be pushed to become regional and national leaders in the field of undergraduate research in dance. Most students begin this type of work in graduate school, but we choose to prepare you to lead the dance world, not merely enter it. 

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