What You'll Learn

Biology is the study of the life all around us. And with a degree in this field, you can work with just about any life form — from humans and animals to plants and parasites.

Our biology program at JCSU will ensure that you graduate with the hands-on experience and knowledge necessary for a successful career within the medical or scientific community.

What will I study as a biology major?

At JCSU, you’ll have the unique opportunity to customize your major. After the Freshman year, your advisor will help you match your courses to your career goals. Our students have the ability to customize their studies to prepare them for:

  • Medical school
  • Dental school
  • Nursing school
  • Veterinary school
  • Physical or occupational therapy careers
  • Environmental and ecological studies
  • Work in bioinformatics, forensic science or biotechnology

All biology majors will take core courses in biology, chemistry, math and physics. From there, you can choose classes in topics ranging from zoology and botany to human anatomy and bioinformatics.

Popular classes in the biology program



BIO 341 Genetics Study the inheritance of traits, the evolution of populations and applications of biotechnology
BIO 337 Parasitology  Examine the biology of parasites that cause disease worldwide.
BIO 241 Cell Biology Study the structure and function of bacterial, plant and animal cells
BIO 242 Ecology Explore the relationships between organisms and their environment.

BIO 249 and 245 Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II

Study the basic human structure, its functional systems and how they work with each other.

BIO 342 Microbiology

Prepares students in learning the aseptic technique and careers in laboratories

Where will I study biology?

Through your lab classes, you'll be trained in the correct and safe way to handle chemicals and high-tech equipment. Our on-campus research facilities include:

  • New Science Center

Our state-of-the-art facility, opened in 2015, includes lab facilities for cell biology, genetics, anatomy and physiology, zoology, ecology, and other fields.

  • Parasitology Research Laboratory

      Students and faculty use the molecular biology equipment, centrifuges and inverted and bright field microscopes (which are equipped with digital cameras) to conduct research on parasites.

What will I learn outside the biology program?

JCSU is a private liberal arts university. What this means to you is that your education will broadly cover all areas of study. The diversity of your classes will help you look at “the big picture” in any career you choose. 

  • Classes in computer science and communication arts will give you a definite advantage in the job market and workplace.
  • Taking several English and foreign language classes will help you interact with a global community that is becoming more connected every day.
  • By taking math and history classes, you’ll have a better understanding of the world around you.
  • Health and physical education courses give you the knowledge to cope with everyday stress and lead a better, longer life.

Having a college education will give you the tools to succeed in life. Having a liberal arts education will give you the opportunity to take your success further.

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