Water Management

Though we are blessed to be located along the Catawba River watershed, we do not have an infinite source of water. As Charlotte grows in our backyard, we will work with the city to reduce the burden it places on the surrounding environment through better management of natural resources like water. This will ensure that future generations will also be able to live and play along the Catawba River.

Duke Hall Gets Modern Facelift

An old residence hall on campus got an energy-efficient facelift, thanks to Duke Energy’s Smart Building Advantage (SBA) program. 

Science Center to House Center for Renewable Energy

Construction began in 2012 on a new Science Center that will be constructed with sustainable materials and methods designed to meet LEED Silver certification standards.

Campuswide Irrigation

The campus facilities department has designed a campuswide irrigation system that will save money by conserving water, minimizing landscape replacement and maintenance and improving the beauty of the campus.

Mosaic Village Designed with Water Management in Mind

As part of the site design for Mosaic Village, a mixed-use residence hall and retail facility the University constructed near campus, water management was taken into consideration.

Stormwater System Captures Runoff

In the summer of 2011, the University renovated its stormwater system by adding four catch basins for stormwater while grading and backfilling low-lying areas on campus.