Our Urban Environment

Our campus is located in a unique urban ecosystem. Protecting it is paramount to our sustainability efforts. As we look to the future, we need to not only expand our reach, but we must also work to protect the natural balance that our campus has maintained for our first 145 years. As change takes root and grass gives way to concrete, we must find places and ways for the environment to grow and thrive alongside us.

Aquaponics - Finding Food From the Sea

As part of Johnson C. Smith University’s Sustainability Village will have garden plots, a composting area, two green houses, an aquaponic system and seating/picnic areas, among other amenities.

Tree Inventory Takes Root on Campus

In the summer of 2011, Bartlett Tree Experts performed a tree inventory for the University and identified 915 trees or groupings of trees of 66 different species.

Community Garden to Bring New Life to Northwest Corridor Neighborhoods

A new community garden is planned to complement University’s Sustainability Village as part of JCSU’s Growing Healthy Communities Program.