JCSU Launches Community Home Energy Initiative

Community Engagement and Education Curriculum and Outreach Internal Culture

Along with the housing rehabilitation project managed by the Johnson C. Smith University Center for Applied Leadership, student interns implemented a Green Rehab program for the surrounding community. The program served as a case study for the University’s Community Home Energy Initiative.

The students reviewed Green Rehab participant application materials and work orders for two projects and took pictures before and after the home renovations. They then researched information most valuable to homeowners and presented information on water and energy savings to three communities included in the Housing and Urban Development grant.

At the end of the summer, the interns provided JCSU with a draft outline on their involvement with homeowner energy education, a year’s worth of data collected from the two Green Rehab participants and an outline for a Green Home Fair. The future deliverable for this initiative is a report on energy savings from the Green Rehab program, along with possible methods to measure GHG emission reductions.

Additionally, the Clean Energy Durham model will be evaluated as a potential tool for legacy schools to partner with or develop their own programs. Finally, students and JCSU will meet to determine the next steps for a homeowner’s manual, plan a Green Housing Fair for homeowners and formulate a homeowner/neighborhood energy reduction challenge.