Vitality Challenge Promotes Wellness

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The new HealthPlex is not the only way JCSU is promoting, health, wellness and fitness among its students, faculty and staff. At the invitation of President Ronald L. Carter, Dr. Art Ulene -- the “Family Doctor” on the Today Show for 23 years -- has brought his Vitality Challenge to campus and the rest of Mecklenburg County.

Overweight residents of Charlotte-Mecklenburg have been invited to join the Vitality Challenge, a community-wide weight loss campaign. Throughout the county, teams of overweight individuals will compete to lose 250,000 pounds together.

The campaign is designed to reverse the current epidemic of obesity by creating a counter-epidemic of weight loss. Participants will be invited to sign up through media websites and through physicians’ offices, workplaces, faith-based organizations and educational institutions. Campaign participants will use a web-based software program to create their own personalized weight loss plans and to document their success. The program is unique because participants are not required to follow a prescribed diet and there are no forbidden foods.