Food, Health and Wellness

Every meal served on campus has an impact, not only through the amount of energy needed to prepare it, but also by the CO2 emissions used to transport food onto campus and the agricultural resources used in its production. The choices we make in this arena affect not only our environment, but also the health and well-being of our students, staff and faculty. Through the discovery of alternate methods of supplying our food and examining our campus community’s health, we are working to sustain our “people power” along with our other resources.

HealthPlex Taking Shape

The HealthPlex Center will promote exercise and healthy nutritional habits through education and exercise programs for JCSU students, faculty and staff.

A Greener, Healthier Lifestyle

Pursuing a greener lifestyle doesn’t just mean buying earth-friendly products or increasing your vegetable intakes. Studies today find that leading a healthier lifestyle -- one focused more on exercise and nutrition and less on processed foods -- is healthy for the environment too.

Vitality Challenge

At the invitation of President Ronald L. Carter, Dr. Art Ulene -- the “Family Doctor” on the Today Show for 23 years -- has brought his Vitality Challenge to campus and the rest of Mecklenburg County.