Less is More with New Lighting on Campus

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Three years ago, Johnson C. Smith University made a decision to change out its T12 lamps to T8 lamps throughout campus. The new lamps are the fluorescent equivalent of incandescent light bulbs.

Replacing T12 lamp systems with T8 systems can produce energy of up to 40 percent, according to lamp manufacturer Universal Lighting Technologies. The difference in light output between T8 and T12 lamps of equal size and comparable wattage is all but indistinguishable to the eye. However, the T8 uses less power to produce light.

Reducing the wattage used by each of the fixtures reduces the overall energy consumption and cost and the savings can then be rechanneled to other areas that more directly benefit the University and its students.

The work is projected to be completed by the University’s maintenance staff by the end of the year.

Not only are the lamps making a difference, new sensor switches are controlling lighting by ensuring that room and office lighting is only used when needed. In 2010, the school purchased 800 sensor switches for just over $25,000. The new switches are replacing older ones in residence halls, academic and administrative buildings.

This reduces the overall energy consumption for the school and impact on the environment because we are not wasting valuable energy by ensuring room and office lighting is only used when needed.

The sensor switch installation project will be completed by June 2012.