Housing Rehabilitation Program Brings New Life to Neighborhoods

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Depletion of natural resources and environmental degradation affects everyone. As a part of its broader civic engagement platform, JCSU uses its intellectual and human capital to facilitate a greater awareness and understanding of the importance of sustainability, not only on campus, but in the community that surrounds the University as well. Under the direction of Dr. Ronald L. Carter, JCSU renewed its commitment to the Northwest/Beatties Ford Road Corridor and is taking a leadership role in the revitalization of the area.

One of the cornerstones of this effort is a Housing Rehabilitation Program to preserve existing housing along the corridor. It entails integrating energy and water conservation measures and improving the indoor air quality for occupants. Funded through a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant, the program is seeking to renovate 15 homes in the community near campus. So far, nine homes have been completed. The grant is one of several sustainability projects coordinated through the University’s Center for Applied Leadership and Community Development.

The homes have such green amenities as Energy Star appliances, low-flow toilets and shower heads, insulation and appropriately sized HVAC systems, as well as low VOC paints, green carpet and cabinets. Each home is also brought up to housing code standards. Duke Energy is also working with the city of Charlotte and JCSU on this program.

Specific neighborhoods in the corridor that are included in this project are:

  • Biddleville/Smallwood/Five Points
  • Wesley Heights
  • Seversville
  • Washington Heights
  • McCrorey Heights
  • Oaklawn Park
  • Oakview Terrace
  • Dalebrook
  • Lincoln Heights
  • Taylor-LaSalle
  • University Park

Involvement in environmental decision-making and environmentalism should be accessible to people of diverse socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. JCSU is working diligently to make sure that the residents of the Northwest Corridor/Beatties Ford Road have a voice in the issues that affect their community and the lives of their families.

The rehabilitation program is slated for completion in September 2012.