Green in the Community

As a part of our focused mission, we have elected to move the university “beyond the gates” and into the surrounding community. We realize that we are not an isolated silo. Rather, we are part of a thriving metropolitan center, and we are working to empower those around us to work with us in order to reach shared sustainability goals.

JCSU Launches Community Home Energy Initiative

Along with the housing rehabilitation project managed by the Johnson C. Smith University Center for Applied Leadership, student interns implemented a Green Rehab program for the surrounding community.

HealthPlex Taking Shape

The HealthPlex Center will promote exercise and healthy nutritional habits through education and exercise programs for JCSU students, faculty and staff.

Duke and JCSU Partner to Offer Workshop

Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, together with the Center for Applied Leadership and Community Development at Johnson C. Smith University, is excited to offer the inaugural Environmental Justice Workshop for teachers, students and community members in June 2012.

Energy and Water Conservation on Campus and Beyond

Energy and water conservation have been topics of importance on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University, and it’s a message that’s been taken to the University’s surrounding communities.

Bringing Green to the Workforce

JCSU is utilizing its intellectual and human capital to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and provide innovative opportunities for small business development throughout the Northwest/Beatties Ford Road Corridor.

Housing Rehab Program Brings New Life to Neighborhoods

Johnson C. Smith University renewed its commitment to the Northwest/Beatties Ford Road Corridor and is taking a leadership role in the revitalization of the area.

Internships Energize Student Learning in Conservation

Students are gaining first-hand experience in the area of energy conservation by working as paid interns through a Student Energy Internship Program.

Women Entrepreneurs Learn About Green Business Practices

Johnson C. Smith University student interns have worked on a program for low-income women entrepreneurs in the JCSU community focusing on a presentation for women on green business practices.