"Passing Through Light"


Passing Through Light”, a work of public art at the I-77 and West Trade Street underpass, provides an enlightening and dynamic gateway for vehicles and pedestrians as they enter and exit Charlotte’s Historic West End. Part of the revitalization efforts along the Northwest Corridor, the artwork, by Austrian artist Erwin Redl, uses LED technology to create sequences of light and color in motion that shifts within the Gold and Blue colors of Johnson C. Smith University.

“The underpass was dark, somewhat unsafe and unwelcoming to vehicular traffic and pedestrians entering the city to the east or west,” said Ronald L. Carter, president of Johnson C. Smith University. “Passing Through Light” provides a safe and positive experience to residents and visitors entering the West End to visit the University, businesses and neighborhoods.”

JCSU partnered with the Arts and Science Council on the project and contributed funding through a portion of the West End project proceeds provided by the Wells Fargo Corporation. Redl is a Fulbright scholar and creator of public art using LED technology at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte.

See an animated sequence of the public artwork